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True North Story Team

the mission

The True North Story team exists to glorify God through the telling of stories and encounters of God's grace through film, photography and written word.

the vision

Stories are told to boast only in the cross of Christ: it's healing, renewal, grace, redemption, restoration, forgiveness and all that surrounds the glorious work of the life, death, resurrection and second coming of Christ. Through the telling of stories, we are edified through shared experiences and rediscover that biblical life is not lived in isolation but in community with one another. Have a story? Share it here.

Why Do We Tell Stories?

We tell stories to boast in the work of God through His Son Jesus Christ. We believe that God uses stories to move the hearts of people just like he uses a sermon or a worship song. We also see God doing amazing things in our church, city and world that most people never hear about. People are being saved, marriages are being restored, communities are being transformed, suffering is being redeemed, addicts are being set free from sin and addictions... and the list goes on and on.

People relate to the stories of other people who are going through the same things they are going through. Stories help people to realize that it doesn't take a super Christian to live on mission. The stories we tell help show that God uses normal, everyday people to do extraordinary things. We hope that when people read these stories they are compelled to go and do the same. We hope that they see themselves in the stories and can move and act on the call that God is placing on their lives.

It is through the telling of stories that we boast in the glory of God and His redemptive work in our lives, city and world. When we hear, see and listen to God at work, we can't help but take notice and be encouraged with the faithfulness of our God.


*True North Story Team is grateful for the influence of Austin Stone Community Church Story Team in Austin, Texas.